Our wax products

We use a 100% organic wax base for all our candles—88% organic farm-grown Iowan soy blended with 12% beeswax.

Most soy candles are made from soy farmed in South America. Soy manufacturing is a harmful factor in deforestation and over-production has produced thin, poor-quality yields of soy. We use American farm-grown soy that is rich and creamy and has not contributed to deforestation, maintains its quality and is not overproduced.

Beeswax is a natural fragrance elevator but the use of quality beeswax is cost-prohibitive at high volumes. We use 12% beeswax which allows greater fragrance elevation without blackening or smoking.

Our Products are Paraffin-Free

We use paraffin-free wax products to eliminate blackening and smoking. We know that high-quality essential oils should not be blended with paraffin or mineral waxes and this is why each Jonathan Ward London candle burns cleanly and evenly.


Each piece of Jonathan Ward London glass is hand poured in Parma Italy and is crystal grade quality.

It is important to us that, once a candle has burned completely, that our customers are left with a vessel that can be used again. The glasses are perfect for reuse as a cappuccino or orange juice glass.

Please see the Care & Maintenance page for more information on cleaning your glass.

Essential Oils

We use essential oils from a variety of reputable sources. We do not use 100% organic essential oils as availability in the world market for organic oils is unreliable. We use a high percentage of essential oils but also a small percentage of high quality aroma chemicals to give the fragrances range and depth.

In a finished Jonathan Ward London scented candle you should expect between 93-97% natural plant derived products with the remainder being sourced from high-quality aroma chemicals.


Our packaging has been produced using green power and has been designed with an origami cut to eliminate excessive glue and resins.


We use a variety of wicks, all of which are organic cotton and braided. We test each wick stringently to ensure that it is perfectly in tune with each oil combination.


We use hand-pouring techniques for each Jonathan Ward London scented candle to ensure even glass adhesion and balanced fragrance throw. Most other candles are machine poured using paraffin products to achieve the same look that we achieve with time and care.