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Below is a small selection of comments from customers who have kindly given us permission to publish them. Please feel free to send us your own comments. We’d love to hear from you.

“I just wanted to convey my congratulations to you in designing the most fabulous 'Mombasa' fragrance as I lit my candle last night and experienced the most wonderful robust and distinctive aroma which I had not smelt before with any other candle brand...

I can see now why you use 100% paraffin free wax as there was absolutely no smoke vapour and the melted wax was extremely clear which resulted in my house smelling beautiful - great product and I wish you continued success and every good fortune for the future.

Well Done!"

Anthony Leyens, London

“Jonathan is such an incredible person that there is NO surprise that his candles are first class. The quality, scents, design, longevity—any way you want to measure it—surpasses any candle that I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a lot!). I recently moved to the USA and faced with the possibility of not having access to his candles, bought 2 dozen and had them shipped. When they eventually run out, there will be a repeat order!”

Linda Philpin, Hawaii

“After searching for an organic candle that was right for me, I became a Jonathan Ward customer many times over. Rarely does one find such an extraordinary combination of quality, elegance, style and sophistication in a product like this and I look forward to seeing what else he applies his passion and talent towards.”

Paul Sandford, London

“Jonathan Ward candles are, without a doubt, my favourite candles… and, believe me, I have tried many candles over the years. They burn well and smell divine. As soon as you light the wick, the room is filled with delicious scents that tantalise and please. I love to give them as gifts but I most often buy them as my favourite treat to myself.”

Lili Honsig-Erlenburg, London

“I came across Jonathan Ward candles a while ago when he was personally presenting them at Whole Foods market. I left the shop with my first candle because I loved the smell and, to be honest, because of Jonathan’s lovely personality.”
“At home, I fell in love with the product instantly. The 100% natural ingredients, the choice of fragrance and the beautiful, never overpowering smell when lit are all what I’m looking for in a fragrance candle.”

A. Pauly-Singh, Germany