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Kartushya (Reed Diffuser)™

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A decadently-spiced fragrance, Kartushya is inspired by the love songs Russian soldiers would sing. The Kartushya fragranced oil, reed diffuser is a heady mix of Birch Leaf, Elemi, Cognac, Rosemary and Amber.

The Kartushya fragranced oil, reed diffuser is alcohol-free, housed in a hand-blown, Italian crystal jar and includes a custom-made glass stopper to help maximise fragrance life span. You should enjoy over 60 days of scent diffusion with our 250ml size.

The reeds are a porous, ethically-manufactured, wood blend of bamboo and rattan.

Kartushya (Reed Diffuser) Ingredients

Amber, Black Pepper, Cedar Wood, Tonka Bean, Birch-leaf, Cognac, Rosemary, Elemi

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Diffuser, Large:
£38 inc. VAT - 200ml - 8.5oz/241g, burn time: 1440 h

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