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What to Include Into a Mental Health Nursing Dissertation Conclusion

As soon as you are done writing the main portion of your mental health nursing dissertation, which includes the methods, discussion, and results, you’re next step is write your conclusion. The section will have to include several elements, such as: a summary, a synthesis, implications, predictions, and recommendations. Unlike a conclusion for a shorter research paper, a conclusion for a nursing degree dissertation can be several paragraphs long. Here is a detailed description of everything the elements that need to be included:

  • Summary
    Never introduce any new ideas; the main goal of a conclusion is to sum everything you have already written about in the main portion of your document. Summarize the main points of each of the major sections and provide a sense of closure or completeness in how you restate everything. There are different techniques for establishing a sense of completeness, including relating back to the introduction or providing a parallel in structure.
  • Synthesis
    Your synthesis is important because it efficiently and effectively shows the relationships between your main ideas and the supporting evidence, thus explaining to the reader who you have succeeded in defending your hypothesis or thesis statement. Don’t assume your reader will understand everything you have covered so use your synthesis paragraphs to ensure your ideas are clear.
  • Implications
    You should write a paragraph or two on the implications of your nursing dissertation. So what does this mean? You have worked very hard to push the envelope in some area of study within your discipline. Perhaps you provided answers to questions that no has ever asked before, or you provided a new perspective for dealing with a research problem in your field. Whatever your contribution might be you should always state what the implications of your research are.
  • Predictions
    Immediately after the implications paragraphs you should write about what you expect will be the next logical step for your studies. Will other researchers take them a step further? Will someone write a rebuttal or conduct studies attempting to denounce your findings. Make predictions built upon what you have been able to achieve academically on a personal level and for the discipline as a whole.
  • Recommendations
    This might not be required in your field, so it is important that you check with your advisor before you commit too much time writing recommendations. There is, however, absolutely no harm in the inclusion of what actions you think other researchers should take to develop your ideas and findings even further. The paragraph need not be more than a few sentences long, but if you can save yourself from the time in having to come up with ideas then go ahead and avoid the section altogether.