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Picking Up Strong Dissertation Topics In Community Health Nursing

One of the key aspects towards writing a great nursing or biomedical science dissertation is in choosing a strong topic. However, this seemingly simple choice can be pretty hard and sometimes even stressful for many students who have worked too hard over the course of several months can’t seem to bring themselves to settle on any one idea. The following are some great dissertation topics in community health nursing you might want to consider using for your own project:

  1. How does market structure and payment structures affect the entry levels of private family health plans most people in the United States are required to subscribe to?
  2. How does Alzheimer’s disease affect the way nurse practitioners are able to provide effective end-of-life care to their patients? Do communities fund programs sufficiently enough?
  3. How have policies and procedures changed in the last quarter century in support of nurses’ or patients’ experience in community medical settings? Does this change in different areas?
  4. Discuss the major issues prevalent in the fight over Medicare and Social Security in providing for America’s population. How do insurance companies get in the way of single-payer coverage?
  5. Why is workplace violence discussed so infrequently within the medical and nursing industries? Are people expected to handle more abusive situations in these settings?
  6. How effective are community health programs on the well-ness and preventative care for the elderly? Should government or private-based services take on the additional costs?
  7. What are the differences between nursing theory and philosophy as it relates to patient care for people with autism? How have practices changed over the course of the last 25 years?
  8. What are the biggest motivational factors for entering the nursing industry in these days when community health is greatly underfunded? Is this a state, federal, or private issue?
  9. How have health and nursing educational programs failed in giving people an incentive to go into a traditionally difficult and economically challenging professional industry?
  10. What role does religion play in the improvement of patients’ health in community medical settings? Should states and cities continue to provide monetary support to these places?

For more nursing dissertation topics consider reviewing your course syllabus for required or recommended readings or get some ideas from online professional writing experts who are kept up to date on the most current issues in a number of disciplines.