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The Secrets of Creating an Ancient History Dissertation Proposal

The dissertation proposal document is one of the more important steps towards earning your degree in any field. It has to be original and clearly set the stage for your research. This article, specifically, discusses the secrets of creating an art history dissertation proposal.

  • Have a Focused Topic
    The first thing you need to do is take a hard critical look at your topic idea. You have probably always heard that it should fall somewhere between being too broad and too narrow. Your topic should be focused enough that presents a succinct and clear understanding of what it is you intend to accomplish by researching it. An ancient history dissertation proposal will vary in length contingent on the precise topic; however, there it is a standard belief that you should plan to write about 10 pages. Within these 10 pages you should completely explain what your work will be about and clearly convey your thoughts to your academic advisor.
  • The Basic Elements
    The history dissertation proposal need to include these basic elements: the introduction, the dissertation methodology, aims and objectives and a literature review. You aren’t expected to have read every on the literature review list, but should demonstrate that you are aware of the most relevant research material that is out there. Be clear and direct in your writing so that there is absolutely no confusion about what you aim to achieve with your project. State why you want to embark on a particular study, why it is important, and what you expect it will do to further the discipline.
  • Using an Example
    Finally, it is always a good idea to consult with a professional writing company or freelancer to get a custom written example of a proposal. This is one of the most important documents you will ever work on in your academic career, so you would benefit greatly from getting a look at what a professionally written one should look like. There are a number of reliable agencies you can easily find online. Just be sure to do a background check to ensure the company you do hire is one with a solid business history.